Information Token

What is information worth to you?

Information Token was constructed to provide experienced and chain-agnostic insights to holistically improve our space. In an ecosystem surrounded by bad-faith actors, Information Token aims to stand apart by valuing transparency, merit, fairness, and growth.

We continue to attract crypto-native researchers with proven track records of on- and off-chain research to protect the key ethos of decentralization.

Investments, guidance, and results are things others promise. These are things we deliver.

So, what is information worth to you?
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Purchase of the token does not guarantee full access to the Information Token (IT) Discord. An initial welcome interview and acceptance of IT's terms and conditions is required before being granted access to any of the private portions of the IT discord. The IT discord contains private and occasionally confidential information relating to our partners and our members. We try to treat this information with the utmost care and are extremely cautious about who has access to it. Members that join IT and demonstrate this same commitment of care towards sensitive information will be granted access to it over time. Failure to respect these policies could result in a member losing access to IT's discord and related resources.